Victor Light Roadster 1887

The Victor light roadster came in 1887, as you can see it has another way of spoking than the 'normal' Victor (model 1885-1886) which was called Roadster when the Light Roadster came. The Light Roadster was in production until 1892. The last two years this model features a ‘cushion tyre’, which was only used by Victor. In those years the bicycle was sold as a rational, with 22 or 24" rear wheel.

The differences between Victor Roadster and Light Roadster are not really striking. 

The one thing to look at, is the spoke pattern. The Light Roadster has single spokes, with more crossings than the 'double' spokes of the Roadster, which were bended at the hub. 

For all models, the collar to hold the handlebars moved from front to the rear in 1887.

The bicycle in the pictures is the 1887 model in the Velorama museum. At the site with Copake auction sales you can see a lot of these marvellous bicycles. One of those is very interesting and original: click here.

  Most of the above information was taken from the book 'Collecting and Restoring Antique Bicycles' by G. Donald Adams